Wyoming Governor Signs “Born Alive” Bill To Amend Abortion Restrictions


Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (right) on Thursday signed a bill that amends pre-existing law and requires health care providers to treat “any live aborted viable infant” with the same “care that would be provided to any other infant born alive ”.

As Oil City News reports, the bill, known as “infant born alive-medium of care”, amends previous legislation by adding the term “any viable infant”.

The new bill also states that “any physician performing an abortion must take medically appropriate and reasonable measures to preserve the life and health of a born alive infant.”

According to Oil City News, in Wyoming, viability is defined as “That stage of human development where the embryo or fetus is able to live through natural or vital systems outside the mother’s uterus according to appropriate medical judgment. “

“I hope we can all agree that once a child is born alive all rights also apply under the law,” said GOP Senator Cheri Steinmetz, main sponsor of the project. law. “We saw evidence last year in Wyoming that we will take extreme measures to save a single human life. This was illustrated by the measures taken to combat COVID-19. “

However, the outlet notes that Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss questioned whether the bill was redundant.

“I see it as a bill that does nothing or potentially does something wrong with the aspect of sustainability,” Rothfuss said. “Either he does nothing or he does something that would perpetuate a circumstance that would be painful for the family. “

“We’re getting to the point where our doctors can do amazing things, but sometimes those amazing things cause more pain,” Rothfuss added, wondering if the bill would require doctors who perform abortions to keep infants alive even if they could only live with the help of medical machines.

As The New York Times previously reported, infants are almost never born alive after attempted abortions. Healthy fetuses become viable around 24 weeks, and less than 1% of abortions in the United States are performed later, with most abortions performed at this stage due to fatal disease of the fetus or serious risk to the fetus. pregnant woman.

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