Why the Rams won the Stafford-Goff trade in an absolute landslide

Yes, the Rams are out of first-round picks for at least the 2024 season. They may have thrown their first-round picks out of the equation through an entire presidential administration just beginning if they get a little dashing on the road. But in today’s NFL, when you think you have a team that’s far from the most important position on the field, you have to do whatever it takes to get by.

See. The Rams were mad in the first place for giving Jared Goff the kind of contract extension they returned to him in September 2019 — a deal that exposed the franchise’s belief that Goff was a rising quarterback. As I wrote at the time, the tape and the stats showed very different stories. So the Rams made a very big, bad mistake — they overbet on a quarterback they thought was better than he’ll ever be.

But even with the offloading of their first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 for Matthew Stafford, the Rams have now done the smart thing a franchise does when it’s the most important position away from real greatness. They went out and got a quarterback who is absolutely better than the guy they got in every way possible…and they got another franchise to accept the debt of the terrible overtime they signed him to in the first place.

Because let’s be clear about this. If you want to talk about Matthew Stafford in terms of QUARTERBACK WINZ, just sit outside while the adults talk. Jared Goff has benefited throughout his NFL career from his relationship with Sean McVay. Matthew Stafford has had to navigate through a series of dumpster fires for most of his NFL career, and as I postulated in a piece of Stafford’s tape last week, Stafford is living on a plane. entirely different.

Everything McVay wants to do — passing heavy sets, playing and running, the ability to achieve total course concepts all over the court — Stafford is much better at it all than Goff will ever be. Period, period. And the Rams hit a cap of $33 million for Stafford in 2021 and a cap of $26 million in 2022. Stafford turns 33 on Feb. 7. There is a lot of meat on the bone.

As for the Lions? They have all sorts of draft picks, but they’ve married one of the most limited quarterbacks in the league in the next two years, and the debt is scary.

Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to see how things will work in the future. The Rams got a much better quarterback at a time when they have everything they need to fight. The Lions just got crippled with an extremely limited quarterback at a time when they’re going through a massive rebuild. Draft pick or no, the Rams won that trade in a landslide, and that’s why.

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