Voyager, Amazon, Costco, Walmart and Louis Vuitton — Top Phishing Scams of the Week

This week, we’ve found a slew of scams you need to watch out for, including Voyager, Amazon, Costco, Walmart, and Louis Vuitton. Could you have spotted all the scams?

Phishing scams

Phishing is one of the most common tactics used by scammers. Conventionally, while impersonating famous brands, they send fake SMS and emails containing phishing links and trying to trick you into opening them with various lies.

In such phishing schemes, the links will take you to fake login pages which seem to belong to different brands. These pages ask you to provide login credentials to download a software update, change account settings, or any other task the crooks ask you to perform. Here are some examples:

Voyager Account Phishing

Business internet and phone provider Voyager has seen its customers targeted by a recent phishing scheme:

By sending fake billing notices, the crooks trick you into opening the attachment to check the details. However, once you click on the attachment, a Microsoft sign-in page will appear prompting you to provide sign-in credentials.

The ultimate goal of scammers is to steal your personal information. They will record everything you enter on these fake pages and use it to commit cybercrimes: for example, hacking into your bank account or stealing your identity. Don’t let them!

Voyager has already published a notice on its website, warning users about this phishing scam and providing protection advice:

  • Do NOT open attachments.
  • Delete and ignore these fake emails.
  • Immediately change passwords if you entered login information.
  • Enable two-factor authentication to better protect your account.
Spot the Scam_Voyager_Phishing Warning_20220506
Source: Traveler

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Phishing links also often lead to online survey pages this state, you can claim a gift by completing an online questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you are prompted to enter your credit card details before your “gift” can be delivered:

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is one of the most imitated brands in the world. Impersonating Amazon, scammers falsely claim you can win a $50 Amazon gift card and urge you to complete an online survey to get it.

Spot the Scam_Amazon_20220506

If you click on the embedded link, you will be redirected to a phishing page where you might end up exposing your sensitive credentials. Don’t get scammed!


We’ve seen a lot of online survey scams at Walmart recently, and this week we’ve seen a new wave:

  • If you are our long time customer, now is your chance to redeem your $1000 Amazon Gift Card and use it on anything you want. Take this survey now to see if you qualify

The link leads to a fake Walmart online survey page that says you can get an iPad Pro as a reward. However, if you provide personal information, the scammers will log it all! Don’t get scammed!

Spot the scam_Walmart_20220506_2


Take an online survey and get a pair of AirPods Pro for free? Think it sounds too good to be true? It is because it is!

  • Costco wanted to show you our April 2022 questionnaire. Anyone who completes this by April. 30 2022 will claim a free gift.
Spot the scam_Costco_20220506_1

Again, the attached links will take you to an online survey page which will ask you to provide personal information, such as your credit card details. Do not fall into the trap !

Spot the scam_Costco_20220506_2

Besides phishing scams, online shopping scams are also common:

Louis Vuitton

We’ve seen Louis Vuitton scams a few times before, and this week they’re circulating again:

Spot the scam_LV_20220506_1

Featuring fake Louis Vuitton promotional campaigns, these emails contain links to fake Louis Vuitton websites. These sites may look almost identical to the legit site, but you can see from the web addresses that they are all fake.

Spot the scam_LV_20220506_2
Fake Louis Vuitton website.

Below are two fake web addresses we detected:

  • www[.]90 bags[.]com
  • www[.]lzclv[.]com

How to protect yourself

  • Check the sender’s mobile number/email address again.
  • Beware of free gifts and prizes.
  • Always buy only from legitimate online stores.
  • Go to the official website/app instead of using links from unknown sources.
  • Never click on links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to surf the web safely (it’s free!).
  • Add an extra layer of protection to your device with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Its web threat protection, ransomware protection, anti-phishing, and spam protection can help you fight scams and cyberattacks. Click the button below to try it out:

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