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Unsecured Lending Banks 2019

Unsecured Lending Banks 2019

The banks providing low-interest loans with no guarantor have expanded the scope of credit services in line with the increasing demands. developing banking sector in Turkey, the loan servicing has also been instrumental in the development greatly. Recently, demand for loans with low interest rates and no guarantor has been increasing significantly. Almost without a guarantee, and most banks provide credit support undocumented serving in Turkey. ‘Good Finance’, etc. Getting credits with titles is now quite easy.

  • By income
  • Your payment options and
  • Loan amount

Today, it can be identified by customers, not by banks. Within the limits set by the bank, you can change many different loan options to suit your needs and create a loan that suits you. Of course, in order to have all these facilities, you must first have a clean credit record.

How to apply for a non-guarantor loan?

How to apply for a non-guarantor loan?

There are many different fast loan options for banks to apply without a guarantor and provide instant cash support in accordance with your requests. 2019 lending banks will make loan transactions easier for their customers in the future. Today, many banks offer undocumented loans between 50 thousand and 10 thousand TL. To apply for loanless documents without guarantor;

  • Internet banking
  • Call customer service or
  • Via SMS

It is possible. If you wish, you can also create loan requests by going to the bank branches. If your bank record and credit rating are satisfactory, credits that do not exceed income will be immediately credited to your account. Otherwise it is possible to request guarantor or guarantee. The most important requirement for non-guarantor credit is that the credit rating is sufficient. If the credit rating is sufficient, you can use any credit amount (provided that it does not exceed the income level) .

What are the guarantor banks and conditions?


It is possible to apply for a loan without guarantor or any conditions. However, some important criteria are examined by the banks in detail and then they evaluate your loan request according to these criteria. Most of the time, these conditions are not too severe, but a number of important factors will be effective in confirming your loan request. For those who apply for loanless documents without guarantor ;

  • Credit record and good credit score
  • The presence of a registered guarantee element (house, land, car, etc.)
  • Being a bank customer

It will be effective in evaluating loan demands faster and in obtaining loans without guarantor. It should not be forgotten that credit facilities are provided for people who do not have these features. Of course, having a high credit score is a criterion, but those who have a good credit rating and customers who do not have problems in their payments can benefit from the loanless loan facility even if the credit rating is low . In the continuation of our article, you can reach the list of banks that give credit without guarantor.

It is one of the major non- guarantor lending banks . Many banks can be added to this list easily. However, the most important issue that people who want to use non-guarantor loans is the flexible features of the loans offered by banks. It is recommended that you choose a loan that is the ideal interest rate and repayment option for you. Banks offer many different flexible loans for easy loans without guarantor .

How to apply for a non-guarantor loan?

How to apply for a non-guarantor loan?

In order to apply for a non-guarantor, we first told that a proper credit record and credit rating should be high. If you think that you meet these criteria, you can choose the bank that suits you best and apply for a loan thanks to the credit table below. Credit applications may in some cases request additional information and documents. No extra documents will be requested for working individuals with SSI.

Loan Applications Without Internet Guarantees

Today, banks have carried many transactions to the internet. Using Internet banking, you can perform countless transactions from your residence. Unsecured and undocumented loan requests can now be made easily over the internet. For this purpose, by entering the internet banking of the bank where you will apply for credit;

  • Name surname
  • Turkish Identity Number
  • Address and
  • By mobile number

You can instantly create a non- guarantor loan request . After your request has been reviewed within a very short time, you will be given a positive or negative opinion. You can make a loan request even if you are not a bank customer using the options for creating a quick loan request .

What are the Scope and Characteristics of Unsecured Loans?

Unconditional credit services provided by banks are generally provided through general purpose loans. These non-guarantor loans, which are provided to meet short-term cash needs, provide ease of payment and meet your cash needs to a great extent. Non-voucher-free banks will be the most preferred institutions in 2019 as well. In general, it is quite easy to create a non-guarantor loan demand between 10 thousand and 50 thousand TL for the needs. For this, you can use internet or mobile banking or you can create a loan request without guarantor with phone banking.

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