The Top 10 Motivational Speakers To Watch in 2021

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The Motivational Speakers to Watch

The Motivational Speakers to Watch

NEW YORK, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The past year of unexpected and constant turmoil has undoubtedly changed the world forever. This tumultuous period had many questioning what it is they truly value in their lives, as many suddenly found themselves isolated, lonely and experiencing depression for the first time. Throughout this time though, we’ve seen the emergence of countless thought-leaders, motivators, inspirational stories, and of course, people coming together like never before to aid one another. It can be hard to keep ourselves positive at the best of times, but thankfully there are countless individuals around the world with a gift for inspiring others to break through their pain and arise stronger than ever before. Motivational speakers have never been valued more than now, with their words not only being life-changing, but life-saving to many. According to Boost Media Agency the motivational speakers people are most affected by are those that open up about their past experiences to allow their audience to go on a journey of discovery with them. Check out our list below of the top motivational speakers to watch for in 2021.

Shinjini Das (@SpeakerShinjini)

Shinjini Das is the proud founder and CEO of Das Media Group, a media company where she advocates for people who strive to achieve their goals and are ambitious enough to make their dreams come true through real-time motivational media content marketing. Her social media platforms reach over 15 million go-getters around the world every month and she’s passionate about providing motivation through her media content.

Shinjini is an incredible motivational speaker and also an author. She published her first memoir, called “Unapologetically, Shinjini“, at the age of 26. Her book and her public speaking have inspired many to make big life changes and chase the things in life that will make them more fulfilled, which is something she’s very happy about. Her drive to help others step into their confidence and use the media and personal brand marketing to their advantage is what led her to create Das Media Group in 2016.

The Das Media Group is focused on creating media content that will keep the go-getters of the world motivated and focused so they can take the first step towards making their vision a reality. Shinjini reaches go-getters all over the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America, who are looking for guidance to reach their goals and she sets them on the right path. The Das Media Group’s media marketing services for B2B, B2C, media platform, and D2C clients are personalized, focused on positive marketing messages, audience targeted, and ROI specific, with high monetization conversion rates, making them valuable and effective.

Jovan Glasgow (@iamjovanglasgow)

Jovan Glasgow is truly a speaker who possesses an innate ability to inspire anyone to achieve more whilst compromising less. Jovan’s work as a motivational speaker, coach, author, and entrepreneur enables others to discover their life’s purpose by drawing upon his own story of overcoming pain to generate power and fulfillment. For the past decade, Jovan has been challenging, inspiring and empowering a generation of thinkers, with his why deeply embedded into his company’s name – TEOS (The End Of Suicide) International Inc.

As one of the most dynamic speakers and thought leaders of this era, Jovan has helped thousands of individuals worldwide, including diverse groups of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, gain more clarity, confidence, and influence – daring them to achieve the unimaginable. To Jovan, it isn’t about becoming ‘better’. His work is solely focused on nurturing breakthroughs. By using his creative style to deliver exhilarating presentations, and create emotionally charged social media videos, Jovan’s messages of hope and love drastically transforms the life of anyone who comes across them. Jovan has, and continues to, empower individuals from all walks of life to use their greatest pain as a platform for their purpose, their obstacle as an opportunity for change, and their rejection as a reset to revolutionize the norm.

Lauren White (@iamlaurenwhite)

Lauren White is a life coach, motivational speaker, neurolinguistic programming practitioner, and transformation mentor who specializes in trauma and addiction. She’s passionate about working with hard workers and over-achievers who struggle to break free from toxic behaviors, self-sabotage, and addiction. She helps them fight through these demons and find their inner power again so they can finally be free to create the life they truly deserve.

As a motivational speaker, Lauren has worked with brands and companies to help staff and employees with their mindset, self-esteem, and mental health. A business can’t find success if the people don’t have the right mindset or are not in the right state of mind to make the best possible use of their abilities and talents.

Her services as a life coach and transformation mentor allow her to help her clients find their life purpose and their authentic selves through a 6-week program. With the help of this program, clients can learn to tackle all the self-sabotaging behaviors that have been dragging them down for so long and finally be able to create the life they deserve. Lauren speaks from a place of truth and she uses her experience to empower people and help them understand they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Kwansi Cooke (@mr.all_work_is_good_work)

Kwansi Cooke is a motivational speaker, a real estate investor, self-published author, and Soldier. In his new book, The 5 Actions, he outlines the 5 actions that anyone can implement into their life no matter their background or age to change their financial situation, marriage, friendships, and overall life for the better. The book is available on Amazon and on his website for anyone who wants to make important changes in their life but doesn’t know where to begin.

In addition to everything else, Kwansi offers one-on-one coaching and webinars through which he implements his mental detox program at schools with the purpose of helping young people break through the obstacles that are keeping them from reaching the next level and focusing on their goals. He is also deeply invested in his foundational leadership program, which has proven to be very successful.

Through this program, Kwansi teaches leaders of all walks of life to understand how they can inspire their employees and bring out the very best they have to offer so the organization can thrive and grow. His life experience has allowed him to develop the ability to overcome many obstacles and his experience as a soldier equipped him with the knowledge to relate to anyone. He’s become a great speaker because of this and his passion to reach others.

BabbleOnBrooke (@BabbleOnBrooke)

BabbleOnBrooke is an international award-winning host, Fortune 500 spokesperson and former TV/stage actor turned motivational speaker and business/life coach. She’s passionate about creating supportive environments so her audiences and clients can grow, believe in themselves, and amplify their voices. She is the ultimate hype person and her major focuses are speaking, social media, mindset and resilience.

Brooke has become an in-demand Clubhouse moderator and enjoys leading rooms that inspire others. In the spaces she creates, Brooke allows people to share their stories or ask questions to experts they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. With her new and highly acclaimed course, Moderating Made Easy, she teaches her students how to become confident moderators while providing the tools needed to improve their speaking and leadership skills.

Nearly a decade ago, Brooke was involved in an accident and spent many years housebound due to a severe neck injury that compromised her ability to breathe and speak. In essence, she lost her voice for a long time, but her recovery journey allowed her to grow and come into her own strength. She named this chapter of her life “From Hollywood to Housebound to Healing”. As a result of her experience, she became an advocate for invisible disabilities and conditions, and has been recognized repeatedly for the hope she brings others while supporting them in an uplifting, positive, and fun way.

Kelly Cardenas (@therealkellycardenas)

Kelly Cardenas is a Forbes contributor, author, podcaster, founder-CEO of a national multi-million dollar brand, and a cultural efficiency coach. He is the authority when it comes to constructing a culture that will enable sustainable growth in every aspect of the business and ultimately impact the bottom line.)

He believes that building an iconic brand and successful empire is simple, although not easy, once we learn to focus on what truly matters, the people. Kelly’s approach to coaching is based on the foundational truth that his father instilled. Build amazing people and allow them to build the business!

Cardenas believes that building companies and brands that will have a long lasting impact must begin with a healthy culture. No one understands this better than Kelly, which is why he provides the services that will empower organizational buy-in. The secret lies in focusing on the most valuable asset, which is the people. Draw out the best in the people and the business will grow exponentially. He has been gifted with the ability to speak life into the people of any organization and that is why he is the premier authority when it comes to CULTURE.

Hernando Planells Jr. (@coachhpjr)

Hernando Planells Jr. is a successful motivational speaker and one of the most well-traveled and experienced coaches in the world. He teaches organizations and individuals the power of visualization and how to use the same mindset that world-class actors and athletes use to have a consistent performance at the highest possible level. He has built an amazing career and has earned a trustworthy reputation by building teams and working with them to help them unlock their inner potential.

Hernando had a successful career as a basketball coach at the professional and college-levels, working with the NBA, Duke University and organizations overseas. For the past 20 years, he has worked with some of the best actors and athletes in the world, including the likes of Adam Sandler, Channing Tatum, and others. It’s safe to say he has gained not only the knowledge but also the experience to teach others the power of visualization.

He’s the founder of Be Contagious and it’s his mission to help organizations grow and help them strengthen their leadership, communication, and culture with the help of improvisation and visualization. Using this tool effectively will allow organizations and individuals to reach their goals. He is also the host of the highly rated Be Contagious Leadership Experience Podcast where he sit down with leaders from all walks of life. Working with Hernando guarantees that “eureka” breakthrough people are looking for because he’s able to put things into perspective in a way that’s life-altering.

Alex Katz (@alex__katz)

Alex Katz is a health, wellness, and higher education professional, a speaker, a ninja warrior athlete, a nonprofit director, and the creator of Mind Body Breakthrough. She has over 6 years of professional experience in the fields of mental health, fitness, and education, which she combines with her rich life experience overcoming childhood trauma, homelessness, and a life-altering health condition to provide a holistic and trauma-focused approach to wellness and behavior change.

She’s passionate about helping women battle their negative thoughts, tap into their resilience, and skill up their lives. Alex’s intersectional and strengths-based approach allows her to teach and empower women to communicate and act with confidence, set better boundaries, prioritize their mental and physical health, and unapologetically advocate for themselves and others.

Alex is on a mission to revolutionize the wellness industry and help others find strength in their stories. She sees the human brain, body, and health system as a giant puzzle, which people often struggle to understand so they feel unable to solve their problems. With her holistic approach, she helps people see that what can feel like a dysfunctional puzzle is actually a beautifully unique masterpiece full of endless strength and possibilities.

Julian Pace (@Julian_pace_)

Julian Pace is the Founder and CEO of Happiness Co., a social enterprise that was inspired by the devastating loss of his father and best friend, who both took their own lives. He realized that he wanted to make a positive impact in the world and help those who are struggling, so he set a goal for himself: to positively impact 10 million lives in 10 years. That’s how his company started.

He founded Happiness Co in 2017 and since then, he has become an award-winning entrepreneur and world-renowned international speaker. Julian is known for his authentic approach and his infectious personality, which have earned him many notable awards. Including Australian of the Year finalist, Citizen of the Year, Mentor of the Year Award, National Small Business Champion, Top 40 Under 40, and a Paul Harris Fellow Award.

He’s passionate about sharing his story and empowering his audience to understand what it takes to create happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Julian has the power to inspire audiences and provide the tools they need to change their lives forever. He loves people and he has an unmatched drive to help them create the confidence they need to live a happy life, which is why his programs and workshops are available to anyone who’s ready to make a big change and never look back.

Vicky Pellowe (@vickypellowe)

Vicky Pellowe is a dedicated mental health advocate who found her mission after being diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer at the age of 29. Living through some of the toughest mental challenges and after years of research and rediscovery, she found her calling speaking to worldwide audiences about the power of mindset. Vicky believes that everyone has the ability to transform even the most challenging times of adversity into inspiring opportunities to thrive.

She has a refreshing perspective on mental health and the power of lived experience through sharing stories. She has developed a unique style, known for her masterful combination of humor, vulnerability and brutal honesty. She’s also dedicated to working with other change-makers in the wellness industry, to build connected communities where everyone has the power to thrive with peace and purpose.

Everyone faces challenges in life; they’re unavoidable. This is why she helps audiences to develop effective strategies for managing uncomfortable change and building more resilience in the process. Through her public speaking and coaching, Vicky is on a mission to empower women to transform their lives with mindset changes, inspired confidence and authentic action.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing motivational speakers. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together. This article is Boost Media Agency’s selection of the 10 people to watch. Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Boost Media Agency’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is accurate.

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