The panda mum and her cub enjoying time together are absolutely adorable to watch. Already seen the viral clip? | Tendency

If you’re someone who loves watching adorable panda videos, you might know giant panda mom Mei Xiang and her adorable cub Xiao Qi Ji. Residents of the Smithsonian National Zoo, videos of the panda duo often leave people smiling. For example, this clip of mother and son hanging out together. There’s a chance the clip will make you say “aww” due to the sheer adorableness it captures.

“The little giant panda Xiao Qi Ji is very involved in his environment! Soon he will begin herding training, allowing him to participate in his own health care,” reads part of the caption shared with the Instagram video.

We won’t divulge much, so take a look at what the video shows:

Since posting a day ago, the video has garnered over 35,000 views — and counting. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people.

“Just sitting with my mom in the shade in the pretty green grass, munching on a snack, listening to the birdies and living my best life!” shared an Instagram user. “Love these updates! He’s gotten so big,” another shared. “Having a picnic in the sun with mommy! So cute these two,” posted a third.

What do you think of this adorable clip?

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