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Personal Loans 2019: Opinions on the Online Loan, Without Payroll and Bad Payers



A practical guide on Bankate personal loans offered for this 2019. We discover all the features of these loans, starting from the requisites and alternative guarantees that can be presented by those without payroll and bad payers. Finally, the opinions of customers on the online loan taken from the main forums.

Bankate 2019 Personal Loans: characteristics, amount that can be requested and duration

Cofidis 2019 Personal Loans: characteristics, amount that can be requested and duration


Bankate is a group that operates throughout Europe and has over 30 years of experience in the world of finance, particularly with regard to consumer credit. On this page we will therefore analyze Bankate personal loans with information updated to 2019, to find out if it is a truly affordable product. First of all let’s see what are the main features of this personal loan, which we recall is a form of financing aimed at individuals. What amount can we apply for with Bankate loans? Compared to other personal loans offered by the main companies it must be said that in this case the maximum threshold set by the group is a little lower. The amount of money we can access reaches up to a maximum of 10000 euros. In any case it is an amount that can be very useful for dealing with different types of expenses.

The Bankate personal loans are in fact funding has not been finalized. This means that at the time of the request we will not have to provide any proof of expenditure. From this point of view, therefore, we can say that this product can be ideal to meet different needs. Some examples are also presented on the company’s website, where for example we are presented with the purpose of organizing a trip, or that of buying a new kitchen, but also the purchase of a motorcycle or a new or used car. In short, if you need an amount of up to 10000 euros it can undoubtedly be the ideal product for you. Furthermore, the Bankate personal loan is very versatile, as it can be customized by each customer based on their requests. The beneficiary of the loan can choose the duration, up to a maximum of 72 months. This means that it will be possible to fix rather light installments, which will allow us to complete the repayment in total serenity.

As reported on the Bankate website page dedicated to personal loans, one of the advantages of this product is to provide for zero costs. In fact, the customer will not have any cost related to the opening of the file nor for the payment of the installment and for periodic communications. Therefore the cost of the loan will be only that related to the interests that will be fixed at the time of the request. A very useful service that is made available by Bankate is the one that allows us to skip the monthly repayment installment in case we have difficulty in facing it. In particular, during the loan we are entitled to skip up to 3 installments, which will therefore be postponed at the end of our repayment plan. It should be emphasized that this service is completely free, so it could be very useful in the case in which in a certain month we find ourselves facing unexpected expenses that make it difficult for us to pay the loan repayment installment.

How to apply for Personal Loans even without payroll and bad payers

How to apply for Cofidis Personal Loans even without payroll and bad payers

After seeing what the main features of Bankate personal loans are, let’s look at how these loans can be applied for. The first characteristic is that it is an online loan, which can therefore be requested directly from your home computer, with considerable time savings. As always, however, a fundamental role in the request is represented by the requisites required. It must be said that compared to other personal loans currently found in the financing market, in the case of the Bankate loan the requirements are not particularly restrictive. In this case, in fact, even those without payroll or bad payers can access the desired credit, provided of course that they have the opportunity to present the right economic guarantees. As always, the categories of customers most favored in applying for loans are employees and pensioners. The only economic guarantee required by Bankate to obtain the desired loan will be the last paycheck and / or the employment contract for employees, and the last pension slip for pensioners.

As far as employees are concerned, it should be noted that even those with a fixed-term contract can apply for a Bankate personal loan. Obviously in this case the duration of the loan that we are going to request will necessarily have to be lower than the residual duration of the work contract. In which cases is it possible to apply for a Bankate loan even without a pay slip? Those who still have access to the desired funding are self-employed and freelancers. As per the regulation for this product, the only guarantee that will have to be presented will be an income document. Therefore, as an alternative to the pay slip, it will be sufficient to present the unique Model, which will demonstrate the gains obtained in the last year of activity. In this case the company’s experts will carry out an assessment of the maximum installment that can be dealt with by the customer, and only later will the granted financing be granted or not.

Another category of customers who often encounter many problems in receiving a personal loan is that of the so-called “bad payers”. To return to this category it is enough to have had problems in the past in the repayment of a loan received, and therefore our reliability will be compromised or almost. The Bankate personal loan can be requested by bad payers simply by presenting an income document. In this case, employees and pensioners will not usually have problems, while self-employed workers may encounter some more problems. Through the Bankate website we still have the possibility of calculating a completely free estimate to know the monthly repayment rate and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. By entering our personal data and specifying the type of employment and our net monthly income we will have the opportunity to receive an even more detailed estimate based precisely on our economic situation. If the characteristics of the Bankate personal loan proposed to us are to our liking, we can proceed with the request in one click.

Customer opinions 2019 online loan: do they recommend it?

Customer opinions on the Cofidis 2019 <a href=online loan: do they recommend it?” width=”505″ height=”204″ />

As always, in order to best evaluate a personal loan it is also important to see which are the opinions of customers who have chosen this product before us. For this reason we have visited some of the main forums that deal with financing, so as to be able to assess whether or not users recommend Bankate personal loans. The first aspect that is emphasized in different reviews is the speed with which you can get the money you need. This is primarily due to the completely online request mode, which considerably simplifies the procedure. The website is very well structured and the intuitive graphics make it easy to find all the information we may need. Many forum users really appreciate the ease with which the loan application is completed via the Bankate website.

Once the request has been made, the company then proceeds to the evaluation phase. Also in this case the many positive opinions highlight the speed with which the customer receives a response. On the Bankate website it is reported that the evaluation of the request takes place in just 48 hours, but several customers say it took even less time to receive a positive response. From the receipt of the reply the disbursement of the requested amount on the current account held by the customer is practically immediate, therefore the total disbursement times are decidedly low and therefore the wording of “fast loans” is definitely appropriate.

Also from the point of view of interest rates the Bankate personal loan seems to be a decidedly interesting product. Obviously these depend above all on the economic guarantees that we are able to present to the company. In general, however, most users recommend this product because after calculating different estimates it was found to be the best, even considering the additional services offered. The possibility of skipping the installment is in fact extremely useful in those months in which you have greater expenses than usual, such as during the Christmas period between gifts and miscellaneous expenses, or during the summer to go on vacation.

In general, therefore, Bankate customers strongly recommend the personal loans that we have presented to you in this article. The experience of the group is an aspect that should not be underestimated, which translates into a product designed to meet the needs of an increasingly large clientele. Furthermore, the availability of consultants is highly appreciated by the client, who in this way does not feel “abandoned” by his own bank. To have direct contact with the company, just call us, completely free and active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Alternatively you can request information on personal loans via the Bankate Facebook page or by using the relevant form available on the company’s website.

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