New Hermès store in Wuhan brings in millions on opening day

High-end clothing brand Hermes has opened a new location in Wuhan’s Heartland 66 mall.

Hermes reports that the new store replaces the old location in Wuhan, which opened in 2012, and underscores the Maison’s renewed dedication to the booming metropolis.

According to WWD, the store’s sales topped 30 million renminbi, or $4.45 million, on the first day, citing local sources. However, a later comment on the post claims that the actual sales amount is more like $3.11 million.

The Wuhan store, which has two floors and features 16 primary product categories, was designed by Parisian architecture firm RDAI. It strives to offer customers an experience that combines the atmosphere of the city with the “inventiveness and craftsmanship” of the Parisian brand.

The facade of the store is inspired by the faults of the mountain and is designed with narrow ceramic tiles in earthy tones.

The ground floor presents a variety of leather goods, men’s ready-to-wear and shoes. Traditional Grecian light fixtures, created for Hermès in 1925 and used in its stores around the world, are used to illuminate the space.

Vertical bamboo panels serve as light filters for the main staircase. After the ascent, visitors enter the room dedicated to the collections. In the women’s ready-to-wear and shoes department, a mezzanine overlooks the lower floor. The walls of the jewelry and watch section are woven from Japanese paper.

Hermès has also designed VIP rooms with hand-painted silk panels in abstract compositions to create a chic and cozy atmosphere.

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