Louis Vuitton toasted £960 ‘luxury’ trainers similar to Lidl’s £12.99 shoes

Louis Vuitton has been grilled on an expensive pair of trainers that cost around 80 times more than a similar pair produced by Lidl.

The fashion house’s LV Trainer, which was designed by the late designer Virgil Abloh, contains flashes of the budget supermarket’s iconic blue, red and yellow.

Their iconic LV initials logo is stamped on the trainers, while the outsole is “debossed with monogram flowers.”

Lidl fans went wild for the supermarket branded trainers, which were on sale for £12.99

The shoes are said to take seven hours to sew by hand and cost £960.

And many joked that the trainers looked similar to those previously on sale in Lidl supermarkets across the country.

The budget supermarket has launched its own range of branded trainers, with the same blue, red and yellow colors taking center stage.

Punters flocked to stores to get their hands on the shoes, which came in at a more affordable £12.99.

Many trainers then surfaced on websites such as eBay, with sellers trying to whip guts out for hundreds of pounds.

Lidl quickly shed light on the comparison with Louis Vuitton on social media.

One tweet read: “Nearly 100 times the price. Minus 100,000x the style.

Shoppers also joined in the fun soon after.

One customer wrote: “Are you contacting lawyers @LidlGB? You might want to ask @AldiUK.”

Another added: ‘Lidl trainers finally sell for £1,000 on eBay.

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