‘Louis Vuitton Brown’ is set to be a hair trend this summer

Lean into luxury this summer with rich, vibrant hair color and become a “Louis Vuitton brunette.” The lush color inspired by Louis Vuitton bags began its rise in popularity in the spring, and it’s still on trend as it’s the perfect shade for summer. If you don’t know how a handbag inspired a hair color, we have all the answers.

What is Louis Vuitton brown?

Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist and founder of Rita Hazan New York, explains that the hue is “a warm brown that looks like a broken Louis Vuitton handbag. A rich caramel color that is not very light, but definitely not as dark as a chocolate color. This warm base is infused with “golden bits of shimmer that mimic the colors of Louis Vuitton,” says Paul Wintner, Alterna’s global education director and hairstylist.

This shade is particularly ideal for the season, says celebrity colorist Tania Whittier. “It’s a fun play on brown tones creating a warm color that works with the sun for a long-lasting summer look.” Hazan agrees that the shade is perfect for summer because “it’s light, bright and warm.” She adds that it compliments most skin tones.

Wintner speculates that his nerd name lends itself to a trend. “This color was popular in the past – it was what most stylists would call ‘bronde’, but now that it goes by the Louis Vuitton name,” says Wintner, which “is probably the reason for its rapid rise in popularity”. . I mean, who doesn’t want Louis Vuitton hair?

What to tell your stylist

If you want to get Louis Vuitton hair, calling your stylist by name is a great start, says Whittier. Hazan recommends telling your colorist that you’re looking for “a light brown with rich warm tones like praline or caramel.” However, experts agree that the shade should vary depending on skin tone.

“There are several variations that I have seen so far. If my clients were to request this coloring service, I would suggest choosing a base color that matches well with their skin tone and warm/golden eye color,” says Wintner. “For the highlights, I would add some golden-toned balayage bits that are a level or two lighter than the base.”

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