Kylie Jenner opens lavish gifts for her 25th birthday, including a rare $100,000 Hermès bag after being criticized for flaunting her wealth

KYLIE Jenner flaunted her figure and some six-figure gifts on a yacht for her 25th birthday.

Its new ICT Tac with familiar faces, a rare $100,000 Hermes Birkin and more after being criticized for flaunting his wealth.


Kylie Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday on a private yacht1 credit
She opened an extremely rare $100,000 Birkin bag


She opened an extremely rare $100,000 Birkin bag1 credit
Next, photos with newly single sister Kim Kardashian and more


Next, photos with newly single sister Kim Kardashian and more1 credit

Kylie, who turned 25 on Wednesday, shared the minute-long video taking her fans inside the ongoing festivities.

“Birthday party on the boat,” the mother-of-two could be heard exclaiming as the massive montage began.

The large yacht was “decorated” with waiters as her eldest daughter Stormi, 4, raced.

Sister Kendall Jenner, 26, best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou, blonde assistant Maguire Amundsen and former assistant Victoria Villarroel could be seen sitting on a couch exclaiming “Happy Birthday!”

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Kylie’s journey took her from Florida to the Bahamas and instagram a day earlier, where she flaunted her postpartum curves in the same sequined bodycon dress seen on TikTok.

“Twenty well,” Kylie captioned the previous batch of boat photos.

But her new post gave fans a much deeper dive into the pricey event.

After showing off her friends, Kylie showed off fireworks lit above her.

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She posed – both hands – adorning her jawline beneath the pyrotechnics.

“Ah, twenty-five! she exclaimed.

Kylie then did a series of bangs with orange slices as a friend said ’25 bangs for the party girl’ – then came the gift.


In the following clip from the extensive TikTok, all on her boat, Kylie sat cross-legged with two revealing orange boxes adorned with ribbons.

She opened the first one, which contained a Hermès dust bag – and preceded it to open it as well, revealing rusty orange sandals with “H” logos.

Fuzzy Slip-On Shoes Sell Approx $1500 – and Kylie showed off her feet and painted nails on them, moving on to the bigger box.

“What’s it going to be ladies?” Kylie asked as Kim’s daughter Stormi, Chicago West, 4, and other toddlers looked on in awe.

The rust-colored Birkin bag she showed off left Kylie stunned – “I’ve never seen anything like it before!” she says.

But she knew a few stats and feasted: “They did three, so silly.”

Kim hilariously spat her shot


Kim hilariously spat her shot1 credit
Kylie shared a long cut from the wild night


Kylie shared a long cut from the wild night1 credit
Before the shooting, she opened her lavish gifts, including the $100,000 bag


Before the shooting, she opened her lavish gifts, including the $100,000 bag1 credit
And fuzzy $1.5000 slippers


And fuzzy $1.5000 slippers1 credit
Kendall and other cohorts smiled too


Kendall and other cohorts smiled too1 credit

An expert exclusively told The US Sun “The Rust Birkin in this style would start at $40,000, but since it’s part of one of the unique collections with a few notable customizations, it would probably cost around $100,000.

“It doesn’t have the rare crocodile skin that is used for some of the more expensive bags that would cost upwards of $200,000.”


The video ended with Kim Kardashian, 41, in an orange sundress giving in to snap a clear shot.

Kylie, Kim, Kendall and others all took the clear shots but Kim choked on hers – and spat it back into the glass.

“Wait what?” said a voice.

“It’s so heavy,” Kim apparently said in a slightly hilarious gasp, making her drool a bit.

Kim broke up with boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, last week.

Kim’s shot comes after years of saying she “never drinks” alcohol.


Festivities for the reality star’s special day earlier included a fancy dinner and a birthday cake with pink rosebuds on top and light orange frosting.

Guests also ate rainbow cake with Skittles, as well as other types of candy, inside.

Sadly, Kylie’s famous sister Khloe Kardashian, 38, missed the birthday.

She commented “Major FOMO” on the post: with a crying face emoji.

It’s unclear if Kylie has been joined by her baby daddy, Travis Scott, 31 – with whom she shares daughter Stormi and baby son.

The couple have not yet revealed the (new) first name of Stormi’s little brother since he was born in February.


Many followers of Kylie’s more than 345 million Instagram page believe she regularly sets a bad example when it comes to spending despite being worth $700 million.

A few months ago, the cosmetics mogul faced backlash when he posted a video of her holding her $210,000 Birkin bag before boarding her $72 million private jet, “Kylie Air “.

Not only that, but the flight was 15 minutes long – according to flight tracking websites, Kylie flew from Camarillo to Van Nuys.

It is a distance of only 45 miles. And a flight time of less than 15 minutes – That’s also a total of 127 gallons of jet fuel used and a whole ton of CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, Kylie’s wealth, even on earth, is on full display – she recently posted a A $5,000 DIOR stroller for her newborn after buying her a $10,000 Chrome Hearts stroller.

Fans have expressed their thoughts on this purchase, especially since average strollers, like de pottery barnonly cost $189.

Kylie is also said to have over 400 designer handbags and they are worth a total of $1 million.

According Sheshe has 13 Hermes Birkins bags and 10 Hermes Kelly bags in 2020, including a coveted silver alligator clutch worth $150,000.

In 2020, Kylie unveiled a special one, the diamond-embellished brown crocodile bag, worth nearly $300,000.

“When I say the rich are disgusting…” wrote one Twitter user sharing an image of Kylie’s numerous Birkins.

Kylie also previously showed off her daughter’s Hermès backpack that cost around $12,000, which was for the little one’s “first day of school,” according to an Instagram video.

One reviewer wrote that the backpack was “more expensive than my car”.

In February, her legendary legion of bags caused a backlash when she resold second-hand Hermes Birkins on the “Kardashian Kloset” website for a price of $65,000which is still for sale.

A Reddit user started a thread titled “$65K????” while another chimed in: “Somebody’s annual salary…”

“Keep flaunting your wealth Kylie it’s the only thing you know how to do,” another Reddit user recently slammed.

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“Imagine being so rich you can just drop $200,000 on a basic looking bag must be nice to slip on and never worry about your bank account again,” another wrote.

A third ripped the iconic Hermès Birkin bag ‘status signal’ on Reddit: ‘I don’t understand the concept of wanting these bags just because of the price or the fact that ‘everyone has one/wants one “or that it’s supposed to mean something.”

Kylie Jenner's 25th birthday went from Instagram to TikTok


Kylie Jenner’s 25th birthday went from Instagram to TikTokCredit: Instagram/Kyliejenner
She flaunted a $100,000 beige and rust Hermes Birkin bag and sandals


She flaunted a $100,000 beige and rust Hermes Birkin bag and sandals1 credit
Kylie already has at least 25 Hermès bags and fans have called this habit a


Kylie already has at least 25 Hermès bags and fans have called the habit ‘senseless spending’Credit: Instagram

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