I bought a luxury lost freight pallet and bagged clothes at Louis Vuitton and Canada Goose

RECENTLY, resellers have started buying lost merchandise and Amazon return pallets in hopes of earning some extra cash.

Since the palettes contain mysterious products, buying them is a gamble, but some dealers have made a lot of money from the palettes.


A YouTuber named Ashley decided to buy a lost freight pallet in hopes of making some moneyCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom
The palette included luxury items including a Louis Vuitton sweater


The palette included luxury items including a Louis Vuitton sweaterCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

Ashley, a mother of three, decided to try her hand at reselling pallet products and it paid off.

In a YouTube video, she explained how she spent $866 on a luxury cargo pallet containing new and lightly used clothes.

At first, Ashley worried that her brand’s items might be counterfeit, but after unboxing several garments and researching their retail prices, her concerns quickly faded.

Her journey included several high-end products, including Chanel garment bags, a Fear of God jacket, Alexander Wang shorts and buttons, a Canada Goose coat and a Louis Vuitton sweater.

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She also bagged over 30 items from Target, Express, Zara, Nike and Under Armour.

Interestingly enough, she even found replica Civil War-era uniforms and a full-body suit.

After going through all the pieces, Ashley’s husband estimated her haul was worth over $10,000, assuming the pieces were all genuine and didn’t include the cheapest items.

Ashley then discovered that all of her items were indeed authentic, even the Canada Goose coat and the Louis Vuitton sweater.

“Now with luxury like this the downside of course is that it takes longer to sell, it’s a little harder to figure out what to do with it,” she explained. .

Overall though, Ashley dubbed her haul the “best ever” and added that this palette was the cheapest she’d ever bought.

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In other news, a couple were able to pay their month’s mortgage bill by reselling goods from an Amazon return pallet.

On the other hand, a woman bought a returns pallet full of Christmas toys and ended up losing hundreds.

Ashley's Louis Vuitton sweater is worth around $500


Ashley’s Louis Vuitton sweater is worth around $500Credit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom
She also bagged an Alexander Wang button-down shirt with matching shorts


She also bagged an Alexander Wang button-up shirt with matching shortsCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

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