HoYeon Jung shares his journey with Louis Vuitton

In Louis Vuitton’s latest Twist campaign, HoYeon Jung gets closer to the cult “new classic” bag – the LV Twist, as she reflects on her journey as an artist – from model to award-winning actress, and now ambassador for the brand.

HoYeon Jung, model, actress and now ambassador for Louis Vuitton, is at the forefront of the LV Twist campaign for spring 2022. Combining its different colorways with bright and bold colors, HoYeon Jung strikes pose after pose with the bag cult favorite, showing off all sorts of styles that make the LV Twist as versatile as it is.

This season’s LV Twist bags feature a youthful yet timeless design with a fresh, contemporary twist. Since its first introduction in 2015, the bag has quickly become one of the most iconic bags showcasing the House’s heritage – the “Twist” stems from its unique clasp, while the pivoting L and V on the front meet to form a V, in reference to the initials of the founder.

The LV Twist keeps reinventing itself. For its release last year, the bag displayed shades that were both intense and delicate, from black to soft pink, passing through refined beige. The LV Twist constantly strives to reach new heights of style. Now, for the Spring 2022 season, the bag is taking on bold yellows, bright orange, and even an ombre pink design.

Just like the bag she poses with for the campaign, HoYeon Jung is still going through changes in her life. As someone with a sense of adventure in her, HoYeon Jung never stopped being curious. She always had this urge to try new things, and so becoming an actress was not an exaggerated dream for her. Even during her first show for Louis Vuitton, HoYeon Jung had already imagined herself becoming an actress, eventually winning the SAG Award for her performance in squid game – because she always wanted to find a role to play.

Since growing up in the Myeonmok-dong neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea, HoYeon Jung has had his eye on Louis Vuitton. Attending her first Louis Vuitton show was a dream come true for her, but the journey didn’t start out so well. Encouraged by her peers to try modeling, HoYeon Jung, driven by her own self-confidence, decided to take the plunge. Although she did not survive the second season of Korea’s Next Top ModelHoYeon Jung took it in his stride and saw it as a way to grow and move forward.

Today, after walking five shows with Louis Vuitton, HoYeon Jung still carries the same bright excitement and the same ball of nerves as for his first show. His life may have been accelerated since squid game and her SAG Award win, but she is determined to continue to learn and grow throughout her career.

“After squid game things got so fast, and it just wasn’t quite my pace. But I think it’s good to go in a different pace. I’m getting used to it little by little. I think I can do it,” shares HoYeon. In fact, the thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the fact that I can dream. The fact that I am alive is something I should be happy and grateful for. So I want to keep dreaming and keep living.

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