How to defeat Varg (Tutorial and Fortress of Hermes)

Many dangers await you in the world of thymesia, like a knight named Varg. He will be your first test during the tutorial section of the game, and you will also fight him much later. here is our thymesia Varg boss guide to help you defeat this enemy during the tutorial and once you reach the Hermes Fortress area.

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thymesia Varg Boss Guide – Hermes Fortress Tutorial & Encounters

Varg boss fight during the tutorial

Since Varg is the tutorial boss in thymesia, it is not particularly difficult. In fact, its animations are relatively slow and easily telegraphed.

Moreover, at this stage of the game, you are just learning the basics, and you will apply them during the encounter. Remember that your blade attacks (i.e. left click) only inflict “wounds” on your opponent (i.e. the green part of their HP bar) . You will have to strike using your claw (i.e. right click) to reduce this green part. Otherwise, they will regenerate their HP to the remaining extent.

Varg’s abilities include:

  • Leaping Slam – If you’re slightly further away, Varg will leap into the air and crash into your location. It can be easily dodged, and the delay in its recovery animation will allow you to hit it multiple times.
  • Multi-hit Combo – Now would be a great time to practice diversions. The vast majority of Varg’s hits can be deflected to negate the damage completely. However, note that this won’t actually stun him and he’ll still follow the rest of the sequence.
  • Skewer Slash – When Varg’s weapon turns green, he initiates a swipe. This can be countered by using the skill Feather. But I think it’s more of a useless mechanic. I’ve found it’s better to dodge to the side than rely on it.

After eliminating Varg, a short cutscene will follow. He’s not amused and he immediately goes to punch Corvus in the skull. This causes Corvus to wake up in the Philosopher’s Hill hub where you’ll begin the actual campaign.

From there, you’ll acquire plague weapons, unlock talents, and upgrade potions. Likewise, you will encounter bosses such as Odur and The Hanged Queen. Eventually, however, you will encounter Varg again.

Thymesia Varg Boss Hermes Fortress 2 Tutorial Guide

Varg boss fight in Hermes Fortress area

The first phase of this Varg boss fight in thymesia is akin to the encounter tutorial. The main difference is that the arena is significantly smaller, so you won’t have much wiggle room. The same lessons still apply: watch out for Varg’s slow but high damage attacks and hit him if you see an opening.

After removing his health bar, he will advance to the second phase. His melee swings will be much faster, and he also has an ultimate.

Ultimate: Rally Execution – When Varg turns red, it triggers a loud roar. This will momentarily stun Corvus. Once that happens, mash your dodge button so you can escape sideways by regaining control. If you can’t get out in time, the boss will grab Corvus and hit him again (similar to what happened at the end of the tutorial).

Recommended Plague Weapon: Bow – Due to Varg’s speed (or lack thereof), the bow is still a suitable option. If you can keep your distance, the ethereal projectile can help lower his HP. It also prevents it from regenerating in case you are further away.

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thymesia is available through Steam.

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