Hermes International: Herms is delighted to open its transformed and expanded Greenbelt Mall in Manila, reaffirming its more than decade-long relationship with the Philippines

Paris, 22 years oldn/a July 2022


The Hermès Greenbelt Mall store in Manila, which has almost doubled in size, offers a bright and inviting atmosphere in which to discover the sixteen trades of the Parisian house, including for the first time the world of beauty. The new design is unique in its exploration of natural materials, and the uplifting, sun-drenched color palette is in keeping with the house’s architectural codes.

This renovation, imagined by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, made it possible to lengthen and repaint the facade of avenue Makati in a warm terracotta tone and to stand out with its minimal and graphic form. In contrast, the store’s two main entrances are defined by the monochromatic hues of the charcoal gray metal panels and dark stone steps.

From the main entrance, guests step into the world of fragrance and beauty, clearly framed by sun-hued stucco walls that complement the warm, earthy palette – from yellow ocher to shades of clay and of coffee, cherry wood frames and cabinetry enhance the welcoming wash of these tones. A bustling showcase at the second entrance opens onto the world of women’s silk on the right and surrounds the ready-to-wear and shoe collections. Beyond that is leather goods job and an alcove for watches and jewelry; enclosed by carved cherry wood panels, it creates a sense of privacy for precious designs. Bespoke rugs, wooden frames and screens are used to delineate each space and add a distinct rhythm and sense of discovery throughout the store.

Both entrances are marked by Faubourg Saint-Honoré’s signature mosaic floors underfoot and Greek globe lighting above. beauty jobvisitors pass from the display of costume jewelry to the spacious universe of men, where they will appreciate a selection of leather goods.

The main staircase is framed by bamboo panels and takes guests to the first floor, where home collections, including furniture and Art of living are highlighted. Here, customers can discover bespoke objects, such as the Hermès bicycle and the leather Mah-jong set, which highlight the artisanal virtuosity of Hermès.

To accentuate the personality of the store, a selection of selected works of art dialogue with the design. Seamlessly merging the past with the present, contemporary works in bright colors and square the prints rub shoulders with works from the Émile Hermès collection, embodying the equestrian roots of the Parisian house and its centuries-old artistic spirit.

The renovated and expanded Hermès Manila store offers local customers and new visitors an enhanced, bespoke retail experience showcasing the creativity and expertise of Hermès.

Since 1837, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisanal model and its humanist values. The freedom to create, the spirit of innovation, the constant search for beautiful materials, the transmission of know-how of excellence and the aesthetics of functionality forge the singularity of Hermès, a house of objects created to last. An independent family business comprising 16 professions, Hermès endeavors to maintain the bulk of its production in France through its 52 workshops and production sites and to develop its network of more than 300 stores in 45 countries. The group employs nearly 17,600 people worldwide, including nearly 11,000 in France, including more than 6,000 artisans*. Axel Dumas, a sixth-generation member of the family, has been CEO of Hermès since 2013.

Created in 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports projects in the fields of artistic creation, training and

transmission of know-how, biodiversity and preservation of the environment.

* As of December 31, 2021

Hermes Manila

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Malls,

Makati, Philippines 1228

Such. +632 7757 8940

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