Hermes International: Herms inaugurates its first store in Zhengzhou, in tune with the dynamic and cultural city

Paris, 30 years oldand March 2022



30and In March 2022, Hermès is delighted to open the doors of its new boutique at David Plaza in Zhengzhou, the first for the house in Henan Province, a dynamic region with a rich cultural lineage dating back to the Yellow Emperor. The spacious new store, designed by Parisian architecture firm RDAI, offers a contemporary expression of the house’s architectural codes in dialogue with the city’s renowned arts and crafts heritage. The proximity of talented craftsmen and various noble materials give this address a unique identity to discover the sixteen trades of the Parisian house.

Located on the ground floor of the mall, the store features an expansive glass facade facing the street, enlivened by dynamic storefronts and offering a glimpse of the store and the collections inside. Above, a vast stone wall features an undulating 3D pattern inspired by traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Crafted from metallic glazed ceramic bricks, the pattern evokes a graphic vibe, an effect that is echoed in the monochromatic masonry of the storefront inside the mall.

From the two entrances to the store inside the shopping arcade, the architectural codes of Hermès are immediately perceptible: the ex-libris under the feet, the iconic “Greek” luminous globe above, as well as the floor in custom mosaic in bright yellow marble on one side and jade green marble on the other. The hand-assembled stone embedded in the terrazzo is an abstract reimagining of the iconic Faubourg pattern.

Entering through the main entrance, visitors discover a vivid display of colorful silks floating in graphic frames, hemmed by fashion accessories on one side and a full expression of the crafts of perfumery and beauty on the other. . From there, the layout of the store follows a succession of living rooms in the manner of a house in a row. By exploring the trade of leather goods, up to the collections of the house, jewelry and watchmaking, and finally, arriving in a vast space which houses the masculine and feminine universes. A second store entrance leads directly to the home collections; a space discreetly separated from the jewelry and watch area, which is distinctly appointed with walls paneled in muted neutral fabrics, creating a feeling of both seclusion and serenity.

Brightness plays an important role in artistic vision, enhancing the sense of discovery. Brightly lit spaces pass to darker and more intimate niches, cloistered by hand-carved wooden partitions or entirely enveloped in walnut paneling, as for the leather goods trade. Undulating ceilings feature sculptural lines to further delineate each space, and a series of impressive monolithic carved marble arches add rhythm to the visitor’s journey. The color palette dances from bright gold and yellow to deep jade green, anchored by the darker tones of polished walnut countertops and cabinetry. The mineral tones range from deep oxidized green in the feminine universe to metallic silver in the masculine universe. Bespoke furnishings showcase the craftsmanship of local artisans, such as silk wallpaper panels with precious metal accents and bright hand-woven rugs underfoot.

A carefully curated selection of artwork follows the colors of the store, showcasing the design and seamlessly merging the past with the present. Among this selection, vibrant reproductions ofcontemporary square prints rub shoulders with works from the Émile Hermès collection that embody the equestrian roots of the Parisian house and its centuries-old artistic spirit.

The new store offers local customers and new visitors a completely bespoke retail experience, combining the cultural essence of the region with the creativity and know-how of the Parisian house. Hermès is pleased to invite its loyal customers and new visitors to continue the Hermès journey in Zhengzhou.

Since 1837, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisanal model and its humanist values. The freedom to create, the spirit of innovation, the constant search for beautiful materials, the transmission of know-how of excellence and the aesthetics of functionality forge the singularity of Hermès, a house of objects created to last. A family-owned and independent company comprising 16 professions, Hermès endeavors to maintain most of its production in France through its 52 workshops and production sites and to develop its network of more than 300 stores in 45 countries. The group employs nearly 17,600 people worldwide, including nearly 11,000 in France, including more than 6,000 artisans*. Axel Dumas, a sixth-generation member of the family, has been CEO of Hermès since 2013.

Created in 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports projects in the areas of artistic creation, training and transmission of know-how, biodiversity and environmental preservation.

* As of December 31, 2021

Hermès store Zhengzhou David Plaza

1F Place David

No.188 Erqi Road

Jingshui County

Zhengzhou, China

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