Hermès becomes Evri with 194,481 different logos

It is rare to see creative innovation in a brand project, let alone from a brand as established as Hermès. But this morning (March 18), the courier has had a name change, under the new name of Evri, with a revamped visual identity of Superunion accompanied by a brand campaign created by VCCP. The name change is almost entirely typographical; Superunion worked with Monotype, using variable font intelligence to create 194,481 bespoke logos for its brand fleet and delivery fleet. The unique mix of technology and type means that each vehicle in the Evri fleet can sport its own logo.

Essentially, the mega foundry and branding agency created a title font in which each default character appears stylistically unique in Evri communications. Superunion’s release explains, “Each character (AZ) comes with 20 alternate OpenType glyphs, all of which are completely different with their own unique display design. The set also includes numbers 0-9 with four sets of style variants and a single default set of punctuation and symbols.

The release says Monotype worked with Superunion’s creative technology team in Hong Kong and Singapore to create the innovative generative tool. The OpenType style-alt font means the brand can generate 194,481 logo combinations for a fleet of 5,000 courier vans, boldly moving away from the usual concerns about font ownership and memorability into new brand territory .

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