Focus on the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon

Are you looking for a casual watch that is also stylish? If so, we will talk about the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Flying Tourbillon Poincon de Geneve Blue Sapphire watch. As its name is very verbose, we will call it Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon. This brand is one of the few watches to be certified Poinçon de Genève. The prize is awarded to artistic, water-resistant and chronometrically accurate timepieces. For what characteristics is this watch known to have received a rare certification? Here are some things you should know about this watch.


Its case is made of sapphire, which has specific properties that make it ideal for watches. For example, it is transparent like glass. Although there are glass watch cases, Louis Vuitton and other watchmakers prefer sapphire. Even though the glass is transparent, it tends to crack or break even under minimal pressure. Sapphire is the second hardest mineral after diamond; so not brittle like glass. Therefore, sapphire crystal keeps your watch durable and new. As a result, sapphire is a good choice for aesthetics. However, let’s face it; it’s quite annoying to see the time of a cracked watch. Also, you wouldn’t want your friends or family staring at your broken watch. In addition, the case is also laced with titanium. The titanium keeps the watch water resistant. He can do this because he is inert. Since it is inactive, it will not react with water. If so, the chemical reactions would shatter the case and allow water to enter the watch.

Case Thickness

The case is 9mm thick, so thicker than most watches. The thickness is important because it keeps the watch water resistant. When the water hits the case, it will not collapse. Instead, the water will bounce off the case. So if you want to dive from a height of 50m, you can do that. From this fall, you will hit the pool with intense pressure. Still, the water pressure won’t ruin the case. The case diameter of this watch is 42.5 mm. Its diameter is ideal for adults and children. For example, an adult cannot wear a children’s watch. Indeed, the diameter is generally less than 42.5 mm, which makes the case too small to read the time. With this watch, you won’t have to visit the kids or adults section for that either.

Power reserve

Generally, the power reserve of a good watch is at least 48 hours. The power reserve of this watch is 80 hours. The power reserve is the available energy stored in the watch. With this watch, you will need to wind it after 80 hours. This feature is convenient for the user because some watches need to be wound every day. Since this watch is based on a manual movement, you will wind it by turning its crown. However, for the watch to work well, watch manufacturers recommend winding it at least once a day. Sometimes the mainspring starts to malfunction, causing the watch to spin too fast or too slow. This usually happens when the watch is running. As it flows, the spring gradually relaxes.


This watch has a blue alligator strap. Its strap is in alligator leather. It may not be as visually pleasing as a metal bracelet, but the bracelet has several advantages. First, leather is a breathable material. If you were to wear a watch with a metal strap, you would start to feel like the watch was pinching you. Metal strap watches are difficult to adjust to fit your wrist in most cases. However, you can adjust it to fit this leather strap watch perfectly. This is because there are several consecutive holes where you can insert the watch pin. Another reason leather is comfortable is that it is unaffected by temperature changes. For metal bracelets, you will notice that the watch is too cold or too hot to wear. When you wear such bracelets, you have to wait a few seconds for your body temperature to adapt to the temperature of the watch. With this watch, you can wear it at any time, regardless of temperature changes. Finally, this leather strap is durable. Unlike some metal bracelets, leather does not rust. Rust tends to make watches visually unattractive. In addition to not rusting, it is durable and therefore not prone to rips or tears. Plastic straps tend to rip or tear after a while.


For this watch, you will need to manually wind it to work. Unlike automatic watches, this manual watch is more likely to stop. Automatic watches work as long as the watch wearer wears them. In addition, they have a lower power reserve than automatic watches. Since the manual watch has a high power reserve, chances are the wearer will wind it up within 80 hours. Automatic watches wind themselves because they have additional parts. This means that their repair would be expensive due to the many parts to be repaired. However, if this watch were to malfunction, you would replace either the crown or its gears. Let’s face it; some watch wearers love to play with their watch. It’s hard to explain, but some people like to twist the crown of the watch even if they don’t intend to wind it. An automatic watch robs you of the pleasure of interacting with your watch.


Even if you are not a watch lover, you will appreciate this watch made by Louis Vuitton. Its blue design and sapphire case are enough to make you go for the watch. However, if blue isn’t your favorite color, you can get pink and gray variations. In terms of functionality, you will hardly visit a watch repair shop. Regarding water resistance, this watch has a thick case and a sapphire case. As for going to the store to replace a torn bracelet, you will hardly do so with this watch since it is made of leather. If you want a watch that meets your aesthetic preferences and appropriate functionality, get the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon.

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