Dry cleaner allegedly damaged $1,000 Louis Vuitton shawl, offers woman $35 compensation, Singapore News

When it comes to fragile clothes that need a little extra care, many of us turn to dry cleaners for help.

However, Joyce Ang was left in shock after an IMM dry cleaning shop allegedly ended up ruining her item instead.

Ang said she sent a Louis Vuitton shawl that cost around $1,000 in her boss’s name to that store for dry cleaning on Oct. 17.

But when she picked it up on October 28, the accessory was not in good condition, Ang shared in a Facebook post yesterday (November 16).

Throughout the shawl, several threads had come loose, which left unsightly and obvious lines and affected the overall design of the shawl.

Despite this, Ang claimed that staff at that store did not inform her of the damage.

“This case has no [been resolved] until now. The manager of this point of sale [claimed] it’s a sign of wear and tear,” Ang said, adding that they were only willing to pay him $35.

“If it was usury, we would have ourselves [known] when we [sent] get it dry cleaned,” Ang pointed out.


She also said that although a staff member at that store attempted to repair the shawl, it was not returned to its original condition.

“It’s an awful dry cleaning service,” she concluded.

AsiaOne tried to contact the store several times but they did not return our calls or messages.

AsiaOne has also contacted Ang for further details.

In September, another individual, Tan Yen Jue, also felt he was being offered unfair compensation when his bike was damaged by an unknown party and the estimated repair cost was around $1,000.

The assailant later confessed to the crime, but only offered to compensate him $10 for the damages.


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