City of Stars is Louis Vuitton’s ode to LA from dusk till dawn

The fabulous atmosphere of the West Coast – its freedom, passion and creativity, all encapsulated in City of Stars, Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance.

Here is City of Stars, another perfume inspired by the vastness of Los Angeles, which joins the Louis Vuitton Cologne Perfumes collection. After its range of fragrances which includes the citrus California Dream, Afternoon Swim and On the Beach, Louis Vuitton is once again lighting up moments in ode to the vast inspiring landscape of the West Coast.

Engraved by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the collection has created an alliance between the lightness of a fruity mist and the depth of flowers. Think of a summer romance in which each scent evokes a perfect moment, from the caress of a sunny morning to the rapture of a sunset.

City of Stars is the sixth eau de cologne in Louis Vuitton‘s “Cologne Perfumes” collection.

Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance within this collection, City of Stars, is an evening cologne – writing the chapter for what happens after the sun goes down. It evokes a nocturnal fantasy in the heart of a city that never sleeps. In a rhapsodic Los Angeles of heady days, City of Stars recounts a night of fiery emotion and sweet sensuality. With an emphasis on citrus notes as in the rest of the collection, Louis Vuitton’s Cité des Etoiles combines this with the soothing veil of Tiare flower and the rich notes of sandalwood. It’s sensual yet fresh, seductive yet sophisticated.

“It’s a more outgoing water than its predecessors,” Belletrud describes. “It is radically centered on the special, shimmering atmosphere of a night in Los Angeles when the singular setting sun gives way to city lights and spotlights streaking across the sky. The light comes from the explosion of a Citrus quintet: blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot and lime.He blends these different flashes, enhancing their spontaneity in a swirling melody that envelops and caresses the senses.

The highlight of City of Stars is the citrus quintet: blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot and lime.

For the Cologne Perfumes collection, Louis Vuitton has teamed up with artist Alex Israel to share his idealized vision of Los Angeles, a city saturated with the unmistakable colors he uses in his own work. With the Master Perfumer Belletrud, they invent a new painting. For City of Stars, Alex Israel created an original work for the perfume: an exclusive painting that adorns the packaging of the bottle, as well as the travel case and the perfume trunk. It is a fresco of his beloved, glorified and indomitable city that wakes up at nightfall.

With the particularly fruity and fleshy note of blood orange, mixed with powdery musk, City of Stars creates a paradox between shadow and light. Citrus radiance brings daylight to the skin and draws it into a dazzling night where, beneath the magical lure of Los Angeles, anything can happen.

Learn more about Louis Vuitton City of Stars perfume HERE.

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