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Everyone has experienced it. That expensive month was foreseen but the repair to the car was not. The washing machine has stopped or the renovation of the new kitchen that is more expensive. Unexpected costs . Not nice and they never come true. Because how are you going to pay those costs? These unforeseen costs are often costs that must be paid quickly. If no savings are available and saving is going to take too long, applying for a loan can be a good option to cover the costs.

Personal loan or revolving credit?

Personal loan or revolving credit?


There are two types of loan to be able to pay for the unexpected costs:

  • A personal loan
  • A revolving credit

You take out a personal loan if you want to borrow a specific amount of money once.

cash money

With this loan form, the interest rate and the term are fixed. You also pay the same amount in interest plus repayment each month.

If you have no insight into the total amount of the unforeseen costs, you can request a revolving credit. This is a flexible loan form and gives you more financial room. You do not have to withdraw the amount in one go and you only pay interest on the amount withdrawn.

If you do not use the full revolving credit in one go, the difference between the credit limit and the amount withdrawn, the withdrawal space for withdrawal, remains available. You have extra money to hand for even more unexpected or unforeseen costs.

Apply for a loan

You can request a personal loan or revolving credit online from us. With our calculation tool you can immediately calculate how much you can borrow and at what advantageous interest rate and favorable conditions. You can of course also request a personal quote without obligation.

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