Annual Yoakum Livestock Show Ends Auction With Nearly $130,000 Spent | DeWitt

Forty-five students exhibited their livestock breeding and agricultural mechanics projects at Yoakum Project Show 2021.

The auction ended with a total of $128,269 spent by attendees on student exhibits, according to the auction report. Of these purchases, $126,734 was spent on livestock.


Joel Gomez’s 1,372-pound market champion big steer sold for $10,420 at the Hallettsville Livestock Commission; Boedeker Ag. Supply; K Bar K Ranch Tammy Bennett; David Markert; Janella Matias; Ramona and Raquel Gomez; Kathy Gomez; Ful-O-Pep foods; Yoakum National Bank; Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska; Morrow Hardware Co.; Tammie Harabis; Eddy Packing Co.; Brian and Alexandra Schoenemann; Bo & Mo Cattle Company; Blase and Cynthia Jiménez; Hub City Motors; Tom and Jennifer Kelley; Rock-hard materials; Billy E. Taylor; Bill and Kellie Reardon; HEB pantry; Victor and Melissa Gomez; Loya Feed Company; Michael Bennett; Sheela Webb; Satterfield Welding Service; Christopher Sefton and Elizabeth Payne; Gomez Design; Shane Flessner; Crossroads Bank; 2F Cattle; Jeanne Luersen; Charles and Claudia Ennis; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Juanita Gomez-Cadena; Caraway Ford and Dairy Treet.

Sheela Webb’s reserve champion 1,065-pound market steer sold for $10,770 to Travis McKee Construction; Kodiak compression; Kyle Dalton; Sand Carlos Outfitter; Cory and Wendy Thamm; Rock-hard materials; Grape Chevrolet GMC; Inc.; flower from Lovie; Loya Feed Company; Dagg Ranch; Rick Raz; David and Nancy Nitsche; Roustabaut Service by Jaime; Pioneer Oilfield Trucking; Ritzie Britches; Dalton Crane; Donald and Velma Rice; Hill Ranch; Jacobra Energy Services; Maeker liquor; Maureen Bucek; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; DeWitt County Agricultural Bureau; HEB pantry; Gary and Nancy Hog Farm; Mark and Ann Seidenberger; Crossroads Bank; Edwin and Sandra Steinman; Yoakum National Bank; Adams Tractor Sales; Brian and Alexandra Schoenemann; Brian and Julia Prasek; Tom and Jennifer Kelley; Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home; Boedeker Ag Supply; Amanda Hargrove; Construction of C & C oilfields; Anonymous 1; Chandler Drilling Co.; Circle L Ranch; Billy E Taylor; Bill and Brenda Brown.


Gunner Frank’s 253-pound grand champion market hog sold for $4,353 at Anna Lorene Cowan in memory of Barry Armstrong; Chris and Alisha Boysen; Matthew Real Estate; Frank and Martha Burns; Ful-O-Pep foods; Chris and Kim Kvinta; Mark and Linda Hiller; Carter Insurance; Elorine Sitka; MH Leske Oil Co.; Crossroads Bank; TX Sold Inc.; Rick and Janice Chumchal; Glen and Sherri Kusak; Sandra Bergey, DDS.; Loya Feed Company; David and Diana Hanzelka; flower from Lovie; H&H cafe and bakery; Gary and Therese Boening; Stan and Ann Kuester; Terry and Carol Boening; Rock-hard materials; Builders Weaver & Jacobs; DeWitt Poth & Son; Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home; Morrow Hardware Co.; Cuero Livestock Commission Co;. Chandler Drilling Co.; Steven and Brenda Morris; Michael and Debbie Brandt; McKee Construction; Edwin and Sandra Steinmann; Boedeker Ag Supply; dairy tree; DeWitt County Agricultural Bureau; Thomas Construction Plus; Close line fencing; blue ; Prause interviewed Hereford Farms; David Markert; Yoakum General Store; Zimmerman Electric; Wendel engine; John and Agnes Fling; American Chemical Inc;. Laura Belcik; Yoakum National Bank; Hub City Motors; HEB pantry; Yoakum Packaging; LD paint and drywall; Jay and Karen Quinney; James and Sharla Pohl; Ranch K Bar K; Jason and Amanda Fling; John and Sherry Hutchinson; 2F Cattle; John Justiss family; K-Box Cattle Breeding Company.

Emily Bastian’s 238-pound reserve champion market hog sold for $2,775 at Tim and Allison Garrett Adams in memory of AG Garrett; Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner; Aggie Buyers; Brian and Alexandra Schoenemann; Grape Chevrolet GMC; GVEC; Bill and Brenda Brown; Gary and Nancy Hog Farm; Tammy Bennett – DeWitt County Agricultural Bureau; David and Nancy Nitsche; Walter and Tammi Dixon; Betty E. Carroll; Rock-hard materials; HEB pantry; Chandler Drilling Co.; flower from Lovie; Brent and Sonia Hiller; John and Karen Barber; Circle Y Saddles; Earl and Beverly Bland; Ranch K Bar K; John Cowan; Jason and Christine Corbell; South Texas AM Anesthesia Services; Neal and Carolee Eckstrom; Thomas Barre; Boedeker Ag Supply; Elaine Kubena; Josh and Lexanne Carroll; Dustin Braden; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.

GOATS Addison Picha’s 72-pound champion big market goat sold for $4,100 to Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Rock-hard materials; Picha Automotive; Boedeker Ag Supply; Ritzie Britches; Adams Tractor Sales; Joe Boy Lauer family; Crossroads Bank; Todd McCommas; Intermediate construction; Jeremy Machalec; JoJo and Mary Machalec; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.; Rusty and Danette Michalke.

Cody Bennett’s Reserve Champion 78-pound Market Goat sold for $2,215 at Lavaca County Office Supply; Michael Bennett; Belcik refrigeration; Carter Insurance; Intermediate construction; dairy tree; Victor and Melissa Gomez; Builders Weaver & Jacobs; DeWitt County Agricultural Bureau; Chandler Drilling Co.; Ful-O-Pep foods; Terry and Carol Boening; Morrow Hardware Co.; Delta reinforcement work; Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home; David Markert; Thomas Construction Plus; flower from Lovie; Mark and Marsha Herchek; Waste of energy; Brian and Alexandra Schoenemann; Prause interviewed Hereford Farms; Yoakum National Bank; Hub City Motors; HEB pantry; Rock-hard materials; Yoakum Packaging; Crossroads Bank; Amanda Bennett; Ranch K Bar K; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.

RABBITSMaddie Carroll’s Large Champion Market Rabbit sold for $3,745 to the Kvinta family in memory of Charles Kvinta Sr.; Robert and Jeannie Hermes; Bill and Brenda Brown; K-Box Cattle Breeding Company; Kenneth and Amy Meyer; Carl and Linda O’Neill; Double K Diesel Service; Hallettsville Livestock Commission C; Fencing W4; Allen Bayer, CPA; Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services; Boedeker Ag Supply; Jeff and Brenda Brandes; Steven and Brenda Morris; Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska; Pioneer Oilfield Trucking; Inc.; Scott and Christy Fojt; David Markert; Prosperity Bank; Betty E. Carroll; Brian and Julia Prasek; Brian and Alecia Eggemeyer; Lewis and Pam Daltry; Builders Weaver & Jacobs; Picha Automotive; Yoakum National Bank; DeWitt County Agricultural Bureau; H&H cafe and bakery; Darren and Lydia Mobley; Yoakum General Store; Terry and Carol Boening; Will and Connie Young; Zimmerman Electric; MH Leske Oil Co.; Chris and Kim Kvinta; Glen and Sherri Kusak; Mark and Ann Seidenberger; Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner; Anonymous 1; Mark and Kathy Carroll; SAK Construction; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.; Rock-hard materials; Gloria Lerch; Randy and Holly Fishbeck; flower from Lovie; Yoakum Packaging; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; Hub City Motors; McKey & Co.; Justin and Lesley Janak; blue ; County-wide pest control service.

Brooke Prasek’s reserve champion market rabbit sold for $2,725 to Carter Insurance Agency; Inc.; Bill and Brenda Brown; Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska; Dustin Braden; McKey & Co.; Gloria Lerch; Josh and Lexanne Carroll; Pioneer Oilfield Trucking; Inc.; H&H cafe and bakery; Roustabaut Service by Jaime; Crossroads Bank; McKee Construction; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.; Justin & Lesley Janak; Mark and Ann Seidenberger; Dalton Crane LC; Rock-hard materials; Anonymous 1; Kodiak compression; Klaus and Carolyn Schlamb; Sand Carlos Outfitter; Sweet Home Fitness; Kyle Dalton; HEB pantry.

BROILERSAudrey Kifer’s Grand Champion Broilers sold for $5,186 at Lavaca County Farm Bureau; Presented by Jerrie Kacir; CRP Ranch; David and Nanette De Bord; Josh and Lauren Pohler; Crossroads Bank; Yoakum Packaging; Jason Adamek Construction; David and Diana Hanzelka; dairy tree; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; John and Sherry Hutchinson; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.; County-wide pest control service; Chandler Drilling Co.; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Rock-hard materials; K&K repair service; Ronnie and Maurine Adamek; Building of Kifer; felling land services; the Vinklarek family ranch; McKee Construction; Yoakum Chiropractic Center; Harold and Penny Reynolds; Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek; Tim and Robin Boswell; Clay and Jennifer Hermann; Hub City Motors; Travis and Kristen Schley; Glen’s Packing Co.; Gilbert Jr. and Janet Adamek; Triple R engines; M & M Cattle Co.; Anonymous 1; Billy and Cindy Goodrich; Ranch K Bar K; Bill and Brenda Brown; Builders Weaver & Jacobs; Matt Donihou; First National Bank of Shiner; Kay Adamek; Yoakum General Store; H & P Cattle; Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk; Long land and livestock; Alan Adamek; Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska; Michael and Ashley Jacob; Boedeker Ag Supply; Dennis and Georgia Kutach; David Markert; James and Cecilia Carroll; Nathan and Mandy Bucek.

Brodie Kifer’s reserve champion pen of market boilers sold for $5,026 at DeWitt Poth and Son – Jacque Schumacher; Crossroads Bank; Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek; David and Diana Hanzelka; M&M Cattle Co; Billy and Cindy Goodrich; Triple R engines; Harold and Penny Reynolds; Anonymous 1; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; felling land services; Ranch K Bar K; Builders Weaver & Jacobs; dairy tree; David Markert; Rock-hard materials; Yoakum Packaging; Boedeker Ag Supply; Building of Kifer; Adams Tractor Sales; Inc.; Matt Donihou; Jason Adamek Construction; Nathan and Mandy Bucek; First National Bank of Shiner; John and Sherry Hutchinson; McKee Construction; Travis and Kristen Schley; Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk; Hub City Motors; Yoakum General Store; Yoakum Chiropractic Center; David and Nanette De Bord; Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska K&K Repair Service; Ted and Debra Poskey; Michael and Ashley Jacob; Tim and Robin Boswell; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; the Vinklarek family ranch; Kay Adamek; Clay and Jennifer Hermann; Denis and Georgia Kutach.

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